The Spoonie™ Pillow is a buttery soft, wearable arm pillow, enabling hours of comfort and relaxation for you and your loved ones. Made with love, these plush Spoonies™ have an ultra-soft surface wrapped around a squishy inner pillow. They’re fun, they’re comfy and they’re versatile too!


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The Snuggle is Real
Spoonie™ Pillow were made to solve all your pillow problems:

  •  Couple Cuddling – Dead-arm from spooning your sweetie is no longer an issue.
  • Baby Breastfeeding – Comfy support for your baby, as you feed her nuzzled in your arms.
  • Tranquil Traveling – It slides onto your luggage handle bars when not in use and quickly becomes your favorite in-flight napping accessory.
  • Side Sleeping – The cloud-soft, super plush pillow, for the quick nap you’ve looked forward to all day.

And so much more!

Trailblazing a BRAND NEW product category as the wearable, tubular, arm pillow, Spoonie™ Pillow is..

✔️ Portable
✔️ Comfortable
✔️ Versatile
✔️ Playful
✔️ Plush
✔️ Protective

The Spoonie™ Pillow has dozens maybe even hundreds of unique uses, all being discovered for the first time by our customers every single day!
Join us and help pave the way for tired arms and heavy heads everywhere!

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